Top 15 Spring Yard Clean Up Checklist

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Top 15 Spring Yard Clean Up Checklist

When the weather finally warms up, you need to get your yard ready for the new season. One of the best ways to do this is by cleaning it up. There are several yard cleanup tips that can help you keep your lawn and garden healthy.

One of the first things you should do is clean up the old mulch. It may have been swept away by the snow in winter, but it's important to remove it for a couple of reasons. First, you want to avoid snow mold. Second, you want to make sure you're creating space for new growth. Raking the mulch back will also help to improve the soil.

Another good spring yard clean up tip is to prune your trees. You'll want to use proper pruning techniques to ensure you're getting the most out of your limbs. Be sure to remove damaged branches, as well as any dead branches that haven't been pruned before. If you have a very large tree, make sure you have safety gear to protect your legs.

You should also clean up any wood chips or other debris from your paths and fences. These will not break down easily in a compost bin. Besides, you don't want to create a breeding ground for mosquitoes or fungus spores.

Also, check your water features. They may have accumulated a lot of leaves over the winter, and you should clear them out. In addition, if your rain gutters are blocked, you'll need to remove them as well. If you need your gutter cleaned out, you can get a service like Gutter Cleaning Columbia MO. Lastly, check your irrigation systems. Make sure you're not letting any water stand in your lawn and garden. The last thing you want is for your grass or flowers to be smothered by a bunch of stagnant water.

Spring is a great time to inspect your lawn for weeds. If you see bare spots in your grass or flower beds, you'll need to seed them. This will give your lawn some much needed nutrients. However, you should be careful not to overseed your lawn with seeds. Rather, you can use a spot treatment on specific weeds.

Regardless of where you live, fertilizing is a good idea. Having a well-fed lawn will promote healthy growth and reduce the need for chemical treatments. A good rule of thumb is to apply fertilizer at the beginning of the spring, about two weeks before the first frost.

Other spring yard clean up tips include raking the leaves out of your yard. This will prevent the suffocation of your lawn and will help you see any winter damage better. Using a leaf blower is also a good way to dispose of your yard waste quickly.

A few other spring yard clean up tips include pulling out your old annuals and pruning your trees. You'll also want to clean up any pet waste. Pet feces can carry a variety of pathogens, so it's a good idea to keep them out of your lawn.

While you're doing your spring yard clean up, you should also make sure you're removing any weeds that have been growing in your yard. Weeds can wreak havoc on your garden and lawn, and even your house.

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