The Relevance of Mowing, Watering, and also Fertilizing Your Lawn

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The Relevance of Mowing, Watering, and also Fertilizing Your Lawn

Mowing Watering and Fertilizing Your Lawn

There are many ways to keep your lawn looking great, but the most important things are to keep it mowed properly, water it regularly and fertilize it on a regular basis. By combining these three tasks, you can create a healthy lawn that is both beautiful and a natural repellant against weeds.

The Importance of Mowing

When your grass is cut to a uniform length, the entire area receives the same exposure to sun and water. This ensures that the grass has an even rate of growth and strength. It also helps to prevent heat damage and weed invasion.

It also encourages the growth of strong roots to help the grass withstand heavy rains.

Having a well-maintained lawn is not only beautiful, but it can also reduce your insurance costs!


It is essential to water your lawn in the morning or afternoon to ensure that it has a good supply of moisture. The morning is the optimum time as there are less wind, and the air is usually cooler at this point in the day.

If you are using a sprinkler, it is best to water in smaller amounts over a period of time so that the grass has a chance to soak into the soil rather than just run off. This can be difficult when the lawn is thatched or growing on thatchy or heavy clay soils, but it is still possible to get good results by using a sprinkler and adjusting the watering schedule accordingly.

You can also use a lawn mower to spread fertilizer, but you should follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully. Do not overfertilize, as the nutrients may cause excessive shoot and stem growth which will make your lawn vulnerable to thatch buildup and disease.


The lawn clippings that you leave on your lawn after mowing contain all the necessary nutrients to sustain healthy grass, therefore it is a good idea to keep them there. This not only prevents thatch formation but it also helps the lawn to filter down and decompose into valuable organic matter.

Leaving your clippings on the lawn after mowing will also allow the nutrient-rich material to return to the soil for further recompaction and recycling. This is a very cost-effective and efficient method of feeding your lawn.

Applying fertilizer

A well-balanced complete lawn fertiliser is the key to a healthy, green and thick yard. There are many types of fertilizers on the market, and it is important to select the one that will be right for your lawn type and time of year.

Fertilizers come in granular and liquid forms. The granular fertilizers need to be soaked into the soil before they can be mowed, whereas the liquid ones are absorbed more quickly.


It is recommended that you water your lawn during the early part of the day as this allows the grass to absorb the water quickly and helps to prevent fungus from developing. Do not water during the middle of the day or evening as this can cause the blades of grass to dry out and can be a breeding ground for fungi. You should also check your rain gutters since clogged gutters can overwater your lawn or worst is to cause erosion every time it rains. You can hire an expert in gutter cleaning like Gutter Cleaning Waterbury CT to inspect and, clean your gutters. 

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